Tuesday, December 11, 2018

ACO 5.0 - Visual Statement

Our topic was depression, and how to cope with it. Our message was that it always better, you just have try. Even if you are down, time and activities will heal it. We showed a few ways how to feel better with natural activities. It was important to me and my partners because one of our team members actually felt this way, it was a good choice to choose the topic of depression because he knew how to explain it and told us how it felt to have it. Our goal was to make a video that showed sadness but we wanted to viewers to feel good after watching it, so we made the characters at the end hopeful and happier. Tupelo Lathrop, was our team leader, he argued so much that we agreed with his ideas, we needed a leader because all we were doing is writing and deleting infinitely.
Joshua Keale-Ho, was our main actor and Seth Warden was one of the video visual statement writers.


I've never used Final Cut Pro before this project, so this taught me so much that I would never have knew if we didn't do this. I've learned how to blade, change audio, fade, use a and b rolls, edit clips and add soundtracks. If you do not organize everything in your libraries, events and projects then some things will be messed up by the end, personally, I didn't name most of my stuff so when I tried to export it was confused with other projects. If you record in an audio room, your sound will be very clear and maybe too loud if you stand close enough to the mic, if you record your voice while making a video, your voice will be very quiet if you don't have a microphone attached. That's why you have to change the audio levels. If it's too quiet, then you put the decibel amount higher, if it's too loud, then you just put it lower. We used phone cameras for about half of our video, and the difference is high compared to the high quality cameras that we used for the other half. It's the same for our audio, we recorded most of our audio on phone cameras so it sounded very low, when we recorded in the audio room then it was really clear.

Our biggest challenge was writing the visual statement, we were very unorganized in the beginning and then we decided to make a team leader, which pretty much saved us. We all really wanted to finish our project our own ways, so we had to agree on the same things, thats why it took so long to write and record our video. The most enjoyable part was definitely filming, it's always my favorite part about making a video and it's going to stay like that. I definitely agree on the criticism that we got but I think that there were some "prankers" that gave our project bad scores, we had a music soundtrack and a relevant subject but it's fine, I'm satisfied with my score.

ACO 5.1 Apply problem-solving techniques to create deliverables that address the needs of a client or target audience.

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