Wednesday, October 31, 2018

ACO 7.0 - Workplace Safety Video

We chose the topic 'Preparing for high risk activity and injuries'. My teammates were useful and we worked efficiently most of the time, sometimes we slacked but we got ourselves together. It was me, Seth Warden, Victor Kohm and Nicolas Koufis. Nene and I were editing, Victor sound editing and Seth digital portfolio. I think Nene deserves recognition for being so enthusiastic and creative about our script and visuals. He had ideas for the whole project and it was nice to have a lot of choices for our video.

My biggest takeaway was learning how to shoot stable videos, I will probably use these techniques for the rest of my life. I learned how to communicate more efficiently with my team and we learned how to edit and shoot better, this was the first longer video that I made in my life and it taught me a lot of things. I think my scores are fair, I didn't expect more because of most of our voice dubbing wasn't well done and we had some small edit mistakes. We should have spent more time on making the dubbing perfect and we should have triple checked the editing. I think the critiques should have gave us a 2 on relevance of visuals because some of our examples and actions wasn't the best fitting.
Next time we will make sure everything is fine and done, we will use ADR(additional dialogue replacement).

ACO 7.1 Analyze the beneficial effects that safe and healthy work habits have on productivity that improve workplace efficiency.
ACO 7.2 Apply practices to maintain a safe and healthy work environment in relation to careers in the Arts and Communication Pathway.


  1. Amazing blog post, well done, one mistake is in the second sentence you misused the word "lacked". Everything else seems pretty good, also theres some formatting issues at the end of your second paragraph.

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